PONY has introduced a new double-buck shirt unit to go along with their single buck “Angel” machine introduced a couple of years ago. This unique equipment has all innovations of PONY machines already on the market and is able to guarantee a production of up to 100 shirts/hr with reduced steam consumption thanks to the efficient system for the recapture of hot air.

It features an extremely compact rotary structure/size to ease transportation and installation (it fits through standard 35” doors), a new steam circuit integrated in the machine to reduce heat dispersions and condensation, vacuum group integrated into the rotating part, integrated shoulder press in action during rotation, new full-color touch screen, simple and intuitive.

From the screen, you can manage cycles, run diagnostics , emergency and pre-set maintenance, energy saving pneumatic system, you can choose between three pressing cycles : short , long, special with the exclusion of the rear buck and height adjustment, ergonomic working station. The TWINS has a whole new look. They have sort of re-invented the rotary double-buck, the look and function of this machine is trend-setting from the ground up.

Pony claims that the TWINS is as productive as other landmark Double Buck equipment in the US market but less energy consuming.