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Don Desrosiers has been in the laundry and drycleaning industry since 1978. As a work-flow systems engineer and efficiency expert, he has created the highly acclaimed Tailwind Shirt System, the Tailwind System for Drycleaning, Firestorm for Restoration Drycleaning, the Tailwind System for Automated Assembly and Tailwind for Hotel Valet.





Clean.Cloud POS


Clean Cloud

It’s been a while since I feel like we need a brand new POS system in the market, but the time is now and the product is here and it is Clean Cloud.  It is very inexpensive, cloud-based, absolutely gorgeous and – most importantly – it is adaptable to how you do things rather than it dictating to you how you must do things.  For example, many POS systems presume that cleaners are moving towards barcodes when, in reality, that movement has stalled in the US and has reversed in other parts of the world.  Clean Cloud, a UK company, is already completely compatible with Tailwind and other tag-based systems, all the while being very slick.  Complete with SMS, mobile app and all of the other features that you’d expect.  Their booth was among the busiest at the Clean Show and for a very good reason. This is the future of POS.  For one thing, it runs on iPads

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