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Don Desrosiers has been in the laundry and drycleaning industry since 1978. As a work-flow systems engineer and efficiency expert, he has created the highly acclaimed Tailwind Shirt System, the Tailwind System for Drycleaning, Firestorm for Restoration Drycleaning, the Tailwind System for Automated Assembly and Tailwind for Hotel Valet.

Unipress – Clean Show 2017


Unipress brought their HS series shirt units to the next level with hardcore software changes and critical tweaks.  Some of the software tweaks show up visually on their color display:

Notable are the additions of a small shirt program setting and the Green-Yellow-Red productivity indicators made famous by Wesvic’s PieceCounter and Tailwind’s FlightPlan for Profits PRO-flex III.  Furthermore, the machine can now be updated as Unipress sees fit by means of software upgrades.

The cuff holder on the cuff clamps is narrower now.  This simple tweak makes the cuffs much easier to position properly and it is much harder to get your fingers “bitten” by the closing clamp.

YAC – Clean Show 2017


YAC offered an entirely new rotary double-buck, the AP6000 Plus.  With this unit, there is no sleever, unlike the older rotary double buck, famously capable of 200 shirts per hour.  The AP6000 is capable of 140 shirts per hour with 2 operators.  This is approximately equivalent to 200 shirts per hour with 3 operators.  The second presser runs the rotary quad collar/cuff machine.  This machine has a unique active collar stretches the collar, just before pressing.  To operate this machine, the presser lays the collar in the usual manner.  Then, the vacuum is turned on.  This visibly reforms the collar buck, preparing the collar for stretching, a split second before pressing.  Don’t miss this movie!

Othis – Clean Show 2017


This all-in-one unit is loaded with features and does a heck of a good job.  The collar/cuff module is attached to the back of the front steam chest.  And the back pull-down is hidden under the rear pad/cover.

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