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Tell me more about the inventor of the Tailwind System

The Tailwind System was invented by Don Desrosiers. It is a product of nearly 30 years of experience in the laundry and drycleaning business. Desrosiers is the 2001 winner of IFI’s Commitment to Professionalism Award. He is a columnist for the National Clothesline (www.natclo.com), The Korean Cleaners Monthly, The Golomb Group Newsletter (www.golombgroup.com) and The National Cleaner and Launderer in Australia. Desrosiers is also a contributor to IFI’s Fabricare Magazine and several other trade publications. You can read an industry profile here. http://web.newsguy.com/natclo/0112/pro.htm

How Tailwind can save you money, time and prevent lost garments…

Ahh! The million dollar question: How does it work? Why does it work? I’ll do my best to explain. Tailwind is a combination of the best parts of a “piece” system (No-Waste tags, computer-printed tags, 7-up Tags) and the best parts of a “lot” system while discarding the less desirable parts of those two systems. The result is a truly advanced lot system that has every benefit that you wish for and no drawbacks. In the end, you get fast, efficient, stress-free and mistake-proof assembly. Think about that. Fast, (that means that there is no “back-up” of garments in the assembly department) efficient, (that means getting the maximum for the minimum – more work with less hours), stress-free (stressed employees are unhappy and make mistakes), and mistake-proof (no footnote necessary – do everything right, but give it to the wrong person makes you nobody’s hero).

Tell me more about the Tailwind System…

The Tailwind system was originally developed for shirt laundries as a means to add sanity to a department that often is difficult to control and rarely adds much to the bottom line. The Tailwind Shirt System was so dramatically effective that users created a demand for a system that was as slick for their drycleaning departments. Now the Tailwind System is widely used for drycleaning and for shirts in both wholesale and retail plants at virtually all volume levels. Why? Because Tailwind is extremely effective at reducing labor and eliminating errors and waste.

How does Tailwind Save labor dollars?

How does the Tailwind System save you labor dollars? Good question! Tailwind is a lot system made visual, therefore manageable. This is an important difference. Tailwind remains manageable throughout the processes in a plant. Imagine being able to maintain lot integrity all the time. A Tailwind lot is manageable during mark-in, pre-spotting, cleaning, post-spotting and pre-inspection. A Tailwind lot is still manageable during cleaning and re-cleaning. Now garments need to go to the pressers. Still manageable and organized! Then comes the inspection, assembly and bagging procedures. A Tailwind lot is still organized and manageable. But suppose a garment (shirts or drycleaning – does not matter) needs to be re-cleaned, does it get lost in the “black hole?” Absolutely not! A re-cleaned garment still maintains lot integrity even when the rest of the lot is finished and assembled! Now that is an organized lot system! The Tailwind System is full of checks and balances that afford you management and organization that you have never dreamed of. This organization translates into reduced staff. One or two full-time employees is typical, in fact, conservative. Because of the organizational foundation that has remained in place throughout the process and because of the speed at which orders can be assembled, Tailwind provides fast, efficient, stress-free and mistake-proof assembly. The actual task of assembly becomes practically automatic and taking almost “no time.” In some plants, 2 or 3 people are needed for assembly. This is always reduced with the Tailwind System. But even when only 1 person is currently assembling, substantial savings become evident. This is because the assembler uses so little time actually assembling orders that he or she must be assigned other related duties in order to avoid being seriously under-utilized. The Tailwind System is not a series of ideas that might save you a little bit here and there. It is a proven system that works 100% of the time. Collectively, current Tailwind Systems users save over $2,000,000 per year (each and every year) in labor costs as compared to the system that they used previously.

Why are more and more drycleaners switching to the Tailwind System

Because Tailwind saves money! The Tailwind System was developed to eliminate assembly errors – something that is well worth the effort by itself – but the end result has proved over and over again, to provide much more for the typical user than that. The average Tailwind Shirt System user saves over $17,000 per year in labor, far more for the average user of the Tailwind System for Drycleaning and larger operator save over 6 figures! This is a savings that continues year after year!

I don’t have much volume. Is the Tailwind System right for me?

Most definitely, YES! It is even more important for the smaller operators to be super-efficient as their profit numbers are likely to be slimmer. Most Tailwind Clients are small operator doing less than 2500 shirts per week

I can’t possibly save any labor. I only have two people in my shirt department!

This is a very common thought, and perhaps rightly so, but you definitely can. There are many case histories of people just like you, doing 2000 shirts per week with two people in the shirt department that save about $150-$175 per week in shirt department labor. This is real money that you, personally can spend!

I’m smart enough to know that if there was a way to save $150 per week, I would have figured it out, therefore, I am quite skeptical. What am I missing?

I can’t blame you for thinking that, but I assure you that I see things a different way. Part of the reason that I can assure you of this is because of the people on my client list – the people that have already switched to the Tailwind Shirt System. They, in some cases, are third generation drycleaners that have “seen it all,” but they marvel at the brilliance and the ingenuity of the Tailwind Shirt System.

Why doesn’t my distributor rep know about this? Why hasn’t he recommended the Tailwind Shirt System to me?

I’m not sure why yours doesn’t, but some of them do. Others, though, can’t be bothered to learn about it and how it can help their customers. Some would simply rather “push” a system that they already have on their shelves.

Do I become “married” to a system that forces me to buy expensive supplies for the duration.

No. There are specific supplies necessary to run the Tailwind Shirt System. One is a one-time purchase that cost about $150 and the other is tags, which you probably buy anyway. Now that there are competing manufacturers for the tags, the price has come way down. The cost for tags and tagging will, most likely be far less than what it costs you now, even if your POS computer prints them.

We go crazy when we are short-handed by only one person. Won’t it be even worse if we trim the staff. How will we function if we are short-handed then?

Much more easily, that’s how. The part that is still conceptual to you, the skeptic, is that you do not yet realize that everything, every procedure, becomes easier. When the Tailwind system is fully in place at your plant, you will be able to run your plant, using the same Tailwind Shirt System, with any number of people. For instance, if your normal, optimum staff is 6 people, you will also learn how to run the department with 5 people, 4 people or even just 2 or 3 shirt department staff members. That is the sign of a truly well designed system, especially when you consider that your PPOH (pieces per operator hour) always stays in the “optimum” range.

What about “tech” support?

Whether you purchase the Do-it-Yourself Tailwind Conversion kit or Donald L Desrosiers personally engineers the Tailwind Shirt System into your plant, you have unlimited telephone support. How can I do that? Simple. You won’t need much. Remember, everything is going to get simpler and more logical. I have a genuine interest in your success with the Tailwind Shirt System.

I have a pretty slick operation now. Maybe I’m already on something just like the Tailwind Shirt System and don’t realize it.

You aren’t. You can’t simply stumble upon the Tailwind System because there is a vital part called the Tailwind rail Converter that is essential in sorting via the Tailwind System.

If I simply got a Tailwind Rail Converter, could I do it myself with the Do-it-Yourself Tailwind Conversion kit or a personal visit.

I don’t think so. I don’t like it when my system is bastardized or over simplified. While the system itself is truly simple, it can’t be done “over the phone.” There is training to be done and nuances to reckon with. If you’re still a skeptic, try the Do-it-Yourself Tailwind Conversion kit, risk free. If you read it and are not convinced that it will save you every nickel that you spent on it – over and over again – send it back to me for a full refund.

Why would I make an offer like that?

Simple. The Tailwind Shirt System works. I’m not worried.


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