Starch Levels in Shirts –

So what about starch levels?  I feel compelled to write about this today because today, like most days, I get a question about it.  Seems that so many of my clients, acquaintances and friends in this business handle starch as almost a company secret.  Here’s what I mean:

If you are among the 90+% that have 2 starch levels: yes and no.  (that is; starch or no starch), you may already be relieved to know that you are in the tremendous majority.  So many of my clients tell me that they have this company “secret” in a kind of apologetic tone.  Often the wash person will say in a hush-hush voice, “we only have starch and no-starch here.”  They are so happy to hear that I expected that.  I think that some of the employees in a lot of places think that management is deceiving the customers by seemingly offering 4 options; no starch, light starch, medium starch and heavy starch.  Some of the employees will tell the customers that they can’t have light starch.  They’ll pressure the customer for a yes or no answer.  Do you want starch or don’t you?  We don’t do light starch here.  These statements are probably unnecessary.  Few consumers will understand the reasons why the starch feel will vary from fabric to fabric.  They may claim to understand, but they probably don’t.  Most have no clue that starch is a rinse additive.  Let’s say John Doe brings in 4 shirts.  One is a 100% polyester, one is a 60/40 blend oxford, one is a cotton oxford and the last one is an all cotton broadcloth.  Pick any starch level that you like, but each shirt will feel different than any of the others.  You can even try some creativity if you like.  Heavy starch the polyester shirt and no starch the cotton oxford.  You won’t get them to feel alike.  Never.