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The true cost of Equipment

So you’re heading to the Clean Show in a couple of weeks and if you read my column a couple of months ago, you’re on a mission. Let’s consider this month, the true cost of use; the real cost of ownership of something. This can be a challenge, no matter the product or service that you’re trying to compare or understand.

There are certain everyday products that we can use as examples. They are not perfect metaphors for what I want to share with you today, but they are likely to open your mind and get you thinking. If Shick or Gillette offer you a “free” razor, it is not hard to figure out their true agenda. Once you own this razor, you will need to buy these blades which costs way too much money. If they want to sell you their razor blades, they can manufacture a customer by giving them a free gift. The true cost of that “free” razor is probably very high. In fact it surely is.

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Don Desrosiers to speak at the Mid-Atlantic Drycleaners Convention

If you missed the presentation of “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades” in New Orleans, Sturbridge, Los Angeles, Gaylord or Wilmington, this is your chance to take in this gripping and extraordinarily positive presentation. October 19, 10:00AM at the Sheraton Atlantic City Convention Center. Be there! (Its Free!)

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New Products from Clean Show 2013

coffeewipesIt is month three of my Clean Show coverage.  As always, you can see movies and photos of the new equipment and the new products at

This month, we will discuss the new products that are available for shirt launderers.  This does limit the field of focus considerably, but this column is about shirts, so I do try to stay within those parameters.  Still, most of the new products have more universal appeal, that is, applicable to more than just shirt laundering and pressing.  All, save one, has use for any drycleaner, even those not in the shirt business.

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