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Are you looking for trouble?

There are many phrases that sum up a manager’s job.  Among them are these:  Don’t expect what you don’t inspect; Catch somebody in the act of doing something right; and Management is getting work done through other people.  I like all of those.  They are all true.  I am, however, especially fond of describing management as “looking for trouble.”  It really isn’t the ultimate in pessimism.  I like to view it as a perfect example of pro-active management.  There are two types of management:  pro-active management and re-active management.  As a manager in any type of business, you must be proficient at both.  Unfortunately, many managers are good at reacting, in fact, so good at it that they have little time left to be pro-active.  My tours throughout North America installing my unique procedures are really about implementing pro-active management techniques.  The fact that these new procedures are often radical changes, suggests to me that too often plant owners have settled upon the belief that their business can only be one that works with re-active management.  Not true.

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Rope Ties & Wrinkles

So they say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  I think that is true.  Given how verbose I can be, this column is really on the absolute opposite end of the spectrum.  I have 4 pictures to show you today that will illustrate two key problems that I see.  The very few words (relatively speaking) that I will use will very likely stick with you and help you a great deal.  One concerns rope-ties, and the other is about padding.

Most of you know that I am a huge proponent of Rope-Ties and even I become more and more convinced that there is no second best.  Well, I guess that there is a second best, but it is so far   in the rear view mirror that whatever is “second best” is quickly vanishing into obscurity.  The argument against rope-ties is almost always wash quality; “there is no way that the shirts will come clean”, is what I hear.  This isn’t true.  It seems like nearly every job I do, a shirt comes up that is *really* dirty.  I am always explained the current procedures.  They go something like this:

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The Holy Grail of Wash Formulas

I’ve been writing this column for a long time – over 15 years – and it doesn’t appear that I have ever discussed wash formulas.  That is not entirely an accident.  I usually give the chemical reps all the necessary latitude to program your shirt washer in order to best utilize the chemicals that they sell.  However, for some reason, I have seen some quirky formulas out there lately, so I thought that I should put forth my opinion on this matter.  First, let me outline the basic formula, then I’ll go into more depth.

Break – 10 minutes

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