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FlightPlan for Profits PRO-flex II released!

report_selectTailwind Systems announces the release of ground-breaking Labor Management Software.  This is the first-ever product of its type and is guaranteed to save you significant dollars on your production labor costs.  FlightPlan for Profits PRO-flex II is unlike anything that you’ve ever seen.  With virtually no effort, you will know your labor cost for every department, your department pieces per labor hour, you will know your cost per piece – daily, FlightPlan for Profits PRO-flex II automatically creates dynamic employee production graphs!  With 3 mouse clicks, you will have a chart that tracks the productivity of any employee  for whom you track pieces (markers, checkers, scanners, pressers, taggers, customer service staff, etc.) for the past 30 days.  All of your records are stored permanently in a database, so all of your records are at your fingertips.  And its called PRO-flex because there are a number of ways to use it.  It’s flexible, adaptable to the way that you run your business!  Are you using barcodes?  Perfect!  PieceCounter© by Wesvic?  Perfect!  This software is so feature-packed that you have to see it to believe it.  Like us on Facebook!

Presentation Enhancements

When I was new in the business, nearly 40 years ago, I remember an old-timer showing me how they had packaged a sweater in a plastic bag and a ribbon and bow.  This pre-dated sweater bags.  I remember that she professed that “presentation is everything.”  I shared this with my Dad, who did not agree.  He thought merely doing a good job was, well, job one.  I agree with both, and not in a way that conflicts, but in a way that one compliments and supports the other. 


Suppose that you did something that enhanced the presentation, but also induced a better quality job?  That’s the way I feel about clipping the cuffs together.  When your inspector does this, they are forced to have the cuffs in hand at which time they can inspect them for press quality and observe the condition/presence of between 2 and 6 buttons.  The half cent or so that you spend on a cuff clip is very affordable insurance to ascertain that your inspector sees one of these key defects before your customer does.  But is there something new, something different that will make your product stand out?  When I was a shirt wholesaler, I individually bagged shirts.  I was actually the first person to use an auto-bagger in this industry, back when they were only used by the manufacturing industry.  This made me stand out in the industry and it enhanced my quality because there was no way for shirts to get stuffed and wrinkled in a bag or for an employee to put too many shirts in one bag.  This, too, was cheap insurance.

Rope Ties & Wrinkles

So they say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  I think that is true.  Given how verbose I can be, this column is really on the absolute opposite end of the spectrum.  I have 4 pictures to show you today that will illustrate two key problems that I see.  The very few words (relatively speaking) that I will use will very likely stick with you and help you a great deal.  One concerns rope-ties, and the other is about padding.

Most of you know that I am a huge proponent of Rope-Ties and even I become more and more convinced that there is no second best.  Well, I guess that there is a second best, but it is so far   in the rear view mirror that whatever is “second best” is quickly vanishing into obscurity.  The argument against rope-ties is almost always wash quality; “there is no way that the shirts will come clean”, is what I hear.  This isn’t true.  It seems like nearly every job I do, a shirt comes up that is *really* dirty.  I am always explained the current procedures.  They go something like this:

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