When was the last time you heard an offer like that?

FlightPlan for Profits PRO-flex III is doing it right now!  We are so confident that you will reduce your labor costs immediately that we are bold enough to offer this today.

You can view a “LIVE” demo of the product right now by clicking this link.  It is a 35 minute full-feature presentation, but we bet that you’ll be convinced that you must have this, within 5 minutes.  There’s a coupon code that will give you 20% off.

This groundbreaking software is unlike anything that you’ve ever seen.

Shayne Golden @ Ziker Cleaners named Manager of the Year

This is the time of year that I select my Manager of the Year.  It was very easy this year.  In years past, I have struggled when numerous finalists were deserving and I couldn’t make a clear choice.  At times, this resulted in a tie and co-managers of the year.  At other times, this resulted in a winner and one or more runners-up.  This year, my choice came months ago.

I have been associated with Ziker Cleaners in South Bend, IN for a dozen years.  In 2005, current General Manager John Mertes was named the Tailwind Systems Manager of the Year.  This year, his protégé, Shayne Golden is the obvious choice for the Tailwind Systems 2017 Manager of the Year.

FlightPlan for Profits PRO-flex II released!

report_selectTailwind Systems announces the release of ground-breaking Labor Management Software.  This is the first-ever product of its type and is guaranteed to save you significant dollars on your production labor costs.  FlightPlan for Profits PRO-flex II is unlike anything that you’ve ever seen.  With virtually no effort, you will know your labor cost for every department, your department pieces per labor hour, you will know your cost per piece – daily, FlightPlan for Profits PRO-flex II automatically creates dynamic employee production graphs!  With 3 mouse clicks, you will have a chart that tracks the productivity of any employee  for whom you track pieces (markers, checkers, scanners, pressers, taggers, customer service staff, etc.) for the past 30 days.  All of your records are stored permanently in a database, so all of your records are at your fingertips.  And its called PRO-flex because there are a number of ways to use it.  It’s flexible, adaptable to the way that you run your business!  Are you using barcodes?  Perfect!  PieceCounter© by Wesvic?  Perfect!  This software is so feature-packed that you have to see it to believe it.  Like us on Facebook!

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