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With the Clean Show just around the corner, your old shirt may be just fine, but are you aware of what the new units are capable of?

We have all wished for the shirt unit that produces a shirt that requires no touch-up whatsoever.  We are closer to that then you may think. There is always the training issue that can throw that concept to the wolves, but given a properly trained and supervised employee, you can produce a heck of a good shirt off a modern shirt unit.

So, what can a new shirt unit do that your current unit cannot do?  Ultimately, it can save you a lot of money.  It can even pay for itself.

The Single-Buck Shirt Unit

Nearly 5 years ago, I wrote a column that I titled “Funeral for a Friend.”  It was my prediction that the sleeve press was soon to meet its demise.  It wasn’t such a long-shot prediction.  Blown sleeve shirt units had already become interwoven into the mainstream.  Shortly after that column was published, Unipress stopped production of their ABS sleever (although, you can still buy a factory re-built one from them).

I am not about to predict the end of the road for another piece of equipment today, but I am here to question the value of something that you probably have in your plant right now.

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More new shirt equipment…

Once again, as has become a bit of a tradition, Tailwind Systems offers a free multimedia presentation of the Clean Show, featuring the latest and greatest in the world of shirt pressing equipment.  The Clean Show is always full of innovations and the 2013 edition in New Orleans was certainly no exception.  Go to or click on this QR code with your mobile device.  Last month, I covered Veit, Forenta, Sankosha and Pony.  This month, we wrap up our equipment coverage with Unipress, YAC, Fimas and FujiStar/Weishi.  In October, we will showcase the newest products aimed squarely at those of your doing shirts.

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