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New Products from Clean Show 2013

coffeewipesIt is month three of my Clean Show coverage.  As always, you can see movies and photos of the new equipment and the new products at

This month, we will discuss the new products that are available for shirt launderers.  This does limit the field of focus considerably, but this column is about shirts, so I do try to stay within those parameters.  Still, most of the new products have more universal appeal, that is, applicable to more than just shirt laundering and pressing.  All, save one, has use for any drycleaner, even those not in the shirt business.

Instructions for RT-200 Rope Ties from Cleaner’s Supply

Check out these video instructions for the best Rope Tie on the market.  These are available exclusively from Cleaner’s Supply and are available in 5 colors.  These Rope Ties (Cleaner’s Supply stock# RT-200) are so easy to use and so easy to remove.  Your employees will LOVE them and so will you!

Other Essential Tailwind Supplies

One of the key components of the Tailwind System is the design of the tags. The color and style combination of each and every tag is readily and instantly recognizable as different from a distance.They do things that no other tags can do. Cleaners Supply is the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of Tailwind System tags.

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