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Cleaner’s Supply Marketing Videos

Very exciting things at the Cleaner’s Supply booth with the introduction of 8 Marketing Video’s available to dry cleaners for a mere $89 and only $49 for the first 200 people that signed up at the booth. By the looks of it, the 200th person must have signed their name around noon on Thursday! These marketing videos are intended to help dry cleaners increase their sales of various services such as Pick Up & Delivery, Wedding Gown Cleaning, Wash N Fold & Tailoring services to name a few. You only need to let Cleaner’s Supply know the videos that you would like and they will embed your store logo into them. And it’s done so professionally that the videos appear to be exclusively yours. It’s not like they add in one slide with your logo on it. It is much slicker than that! The videos can be used for in-store marketing (by playing a continuous loop of the video on a TV in you call office), placing them on our website (which will significantly increase your search ranking through Google), Social Media placement (paid and unpaid) or use them in an email. Cleaners Supply makes setup easy by giving you the necessary instructions to install the videos on your call office TV or on Facebook. Studies have shown that “Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text”. –[Insivia] and that “72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video”. – [HUBSPOT] This new product is a game changer. Now that the FCC allows you to advertise more than one product in a TV ad, you could stitch two or three of these together and make a really slick television ad. The quality is at that level of excellence. Get on board with this today!

Database Mining

I have had a particularly rough last few days of traveling. On the way to the airport this morning, I had that on my mind.  Most of the issues that I had don’t really have anything to do with the airline, but are a byproduct of air travel.  Nonetheless, because I travel as much as I do, I have become a very regular customer at several travel related businesses.  The fact that I am a regular customer at these places that I will name is what I want to talk about today.

When you have a regular customer, you get to know him or her.  You call them by name.  You may go up to the call office and chat with them when they come in.  You may give them special privileges’ or discounts. You may send them a Thank you gift at the end of the year.  All very nice gestures that are part of maintaining  a special relationship with customers that hold you in a high enough regard to give their business exclusively to you while forsaking all others. Excellent.  But what happens when a good customer becomes and ex-customer? Do you know about it?  Did you catch it in time?  Did you bother to learn why this “whale” or “big tuna” stopped patronizing you?  Database mining is the key to this and while I am not the most qualified person to discuss how you should go about mining your customer database because I am not an expert on your POS, nor am I an expert on marketing, in some regard I am the most qualified person to explain the importance of learning about your customers because I am a customer at many places.  I really enjoy learning about other businesses.  How they market, how they earn customers, how they make money. In my opinion however, there is a common denominator and that is customer service.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Whether you are an airline, a travel agent a drycleaner or a local hamburger joint, you must know what your customers think and what they think about you. You must know what they want. Often we try to avoid this fact-finding step by trying to offer the customers everything.  I once read a sign in a drycleaners shop that said “We specialize in Drycleaning, Shirts, Leathers, Suedes, Shoe Repair, Tailoring and Alterations.”  Perhaps a check with Webster regarding the definition of the word “specialize” is in order.  This is an attempt to be all things to all people.  This is merely a list of services offered rather than true specialties. Often the case is that only standard service and quality is offered in all categories.  Jack of all trades, master of none.  But I digress; certainly an education about the wants and needs of a customer is in order rather than an educated wild guess about those wants and needs.

How to give a pay raise that you can take back

Being a man with a business mind and, at the same time being fascinated with the way that other industries operate and all the while being a huge Red Sox fan, I at times found it puzzling why baseball players command such high salaries.  Studying this over the years, I have learned that it is a good investment for ball club owners to pay huge salaries.  Frankly, no one would ever pay a player if there wasn’t a tangible ROI (return on investment).  True, in some markets, ROI is impossible because there are not enough customers.  Still, whatever the salary, an ROI is expected.  It would frustrate me greatly when a player having a banner year asks for a raise, gets it and then performs poorly.  Don’t you think that pay should be performance based?  It will not likely ever be such in professional baseball, but can we make it that way in our shirt laundry?  I think so.  I came up with a strategy that I call “How to give a pay raise that you can take back.”

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