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Evaluating the Quality of your Shirts

Evaluating the quality of your shirts.

Just by reading the title of this month’s article, you may have already formulated a firm opinion as to where you fit in.  I have clients that have done this well before I ever meet them.  They usually have a number.  That is, they have rated the shirts that come out of their plants on a scale of one to ten.  Many of them are actually quite conservative with their evaluations.  That is a whole lot better than those that claim to produce a perfect shirt.  It isn’t likely that anyone can maintain perfection in this business.  If you, at times produce a “perfect” shirt, do not use that as your “poster child.”  Doing so is the equivalent of wearing blinders.  A manager’s job is to look for trouble, find it before a customer does and fix it before it before it becomes a customer service issue.  The better your operation, the harder it will be to find problems.  Look for quality issues and call them “opportunities” rather than problems.  They are truly opportunities.  Opportunities to exercise your management skills.  Opportunities to improve your business.  Someone much smarter than me once said;  “Many of us shy away from opportunities because they are often dressed in overalls and look too much like work.”  Get over it.

Christmas Wish List 2017

It’s already December, and I must admit that it came upon me more quickly than ever.  So much so that I almost forgot to submit my Christmas Wish List column to this publication.  Seems to me that I am closer to being the white-bearded icon with a fading memory than Santa himself.

Frankly, there is increasing evidence that Santa is a hoax, and a cruel one at that.  When I was 13, I wanted a mini-bike.  It didn’t happen.  My father’s name was Lionel (No, not that one.  He was a drycleaner, but he was white and lived in Massachusetts), so I felt a bit entitled to a Lionel brand train set.  This did not transpire.  One year, I saw a wristwatch, packaged in water.  I loved the novel idea, surely done to underscore just how water-resistant this watch really was.  My mother bought one all right, as a gift to my father!   Truly disappointing.  But sometimes the best gifts are those that you didn’t know that you wanted.  In 1967, the Dodge Charger was born and that Christmas I got a slot-car set featuring two Dodge Chargers!  I loved it!  So, it is with that “you-don’t-know-that-you-need-this-yet” spirit that I present stuff that the industry needs, but doesn’t realize it just yet.

Bad Cuff Pressing

From my desk here, perhaps hundreds or thousands of miles from your shirt unit, it is my job to help you improve the quality of your shirts and to increase your profitability.  That isn’t always an easy task.  But today, I’d like to talk about two really bad things that may be happening from time to time.  Knowledge of this will go a long way towards eliminating the problem.

  1. What is the most ugly pressing error that you can do on a shirt?
  2. What part of a shirt is most often over-looked by an inspector?

When I had my big wholesale plant years ago, a very ugly pressing error came to light and it happened to be on one of my own shirts.  I was not happy.  I called a meeting of the inspection staff to discuss this with them.  I remember using push-pins to display my shirt on the bulletin board in the meeting room.  I was pretty lucky at that particular time.  I had an inspection staff that was dedicated and concerned.  They readily agreed to address my problem du jour.  Minutes later, at their job stations, my inspectors whined about this problem area.  The pressers needed to be re-trained and supervised.  The problem area was more “common” than I thought.  I still was not happy.

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