Barbanti is a new brand in the shirt equipment manufacturing business.  They have been making equipment for other brands for 30 years but have they now have a new product and a new name plate.  I list it here for a heck of a good reason.  To the average customer, shirt pressing equipment is quite fascinating.  It is very robotic and complicated and intricate.  Way back in my early plant days when the shirt unit was in the coin laundry, customers would watch the pressers in awe for hours as their clothes would tumble dry.  Well, if you wanted to do that today, you would want to do it with a Barbanti shirt unit. There is a lot to love about this unit.

First, the collar and cuff unit:  it has a vacuum.  The steam chest is in the cabinet, hidden from view.  You can load a shirt on the bucks and queue it.  When the cycle is done, the next shirt automatically moves into position and presses.  This is a familiar format for a body press but not so much for a collar and cuff press. The body press has 3 very important features that make it stand above anything else:

  1. It is a double-buck tensioning unit. There are lots of tensioning units out there, but with this one, you are loading one while the other is pressing.  Obviously a huge advantage for productivity.
  2. It has a pocket press. Although this is optional equipment, don’t buy yours without this.  The one thing that I don’t like about tensioning shirt units is the need to dry the pocket with an iron.  This unit has a pocket-sized pad that dries the pocket when the buck is in the pressing position.  Nice feature!
  3. The glass cabinet is really nice for a couple of reasons. It keeps the operator cool, it contains all of the steam to keep the plant cool (and the on-lookers!) and it reuses the hot air for energy efficiency. And just seconds before transfer, the exhaust vent empties the glass cabinet of hot air.

This unit is attractive and does a heck of a nice shirt!

I enjoyed pressing on this unit.