Sankosha introduced a new tensioning form finisher with sleeve spreaders that capture and hold in the steam (check out the photo).  It also has a curtain to contain the steam, keeping the operator and the area as cool as possible as well as an electric, motorized rotation.  Sankosha introduced a new spotting board (they never had one), but by far the slickest reveal at their booth was the Stationary Washer. Once you see it, you are tasked with a way to describe it:  It’s like a ___________, but with a ____________, only with a __________ and a ___________.  Know what I mean?  It’s hard to describe.  You’ll appreciate my movie.  Then you’ll buy one.  It’s completely self-contained.  It’s kinda like (here I go) a spotting board, but with water and soap containers underneath, and an AK-47, sort of thing from Return of the Jedi hanging from the top but it performs magic like David Copperfield.  This thing is insane.  April from Fashion Cleaners in Omaha made a mess of a wool coat for me and then cleaned it before my (and your) eyes.  You will be amazed!  This is the reason that they have Clean Shows.  So here’s what you do now:  Watch my video. Order yours. Start using it.