Unipress makes equipment.  We all know that. If you make a new piece of equipment, it’s hard to call that a game-changer, but they have done something different that I think warrants a discussion.  They have focused on making equipment with a smaller footprint.  Four – count ‘em, four – new pieces of equipment with a significantly smaller footprints than previous models.  This is a game-changer.  Look, Unipress cannot renegotiate your lease.   They cannot forbid your landlord from charging you more for that extra room that you desperately need, but – voila – They can get you more floor space for free!  And, to be clear, we aren’t talking inches. Their new single buck shirt unit – it’s called the Cyclone – is 2 feet shorter than the Hurricane that it replaced. And what did they do with all that steel that they saved?  They gave it to you!  The Cyclone cost a whopping $3000 less than the Hurricane!  That is an impressive takeaway from the Clean Show!