Forenta has long lagged in the development of top-notch shirt units, but they have jumped into the market with both feet with the introduction of two brand new units.  A single buck and a double buck unit.

The model is 851 RDSP Rotary Double Buck.  They’ve added a slick color screen (figure 1) and a patent-pending linkage built into the sleeve arms that not only allow the sleeves to be adjusted for those ugly ripples, but also automatically tilts the entire mechanism so that the resulting finish is prestine.  These arms are a far cry from the simple forks on the 15+year old rotary bucks.

The color screen has all of the necessary features as well as some password-protected settings.  The machine is very easy to dress.  Its reminds me of the old Ajax Classic for its simplicity in dressing the body buck.  This unit is the quickest to dress of any unit I’ve seen in years. And I really welcome the return of the one-handed indexing.  Forenta believes that there are enough safety functions built in to eliminate the need for a two-handed control.  The machine lacks a short sleeve function, but that may not be so bad.  Many people don’t use the one that is on their machine now.

Forenta also made a thicker buck to allow  for more air flow to dry the sleeves.  This unit produced top quality shirts.