logo1- Tailwind is not about tags.  Only a fraction of Tailwind clients use the “old-fashioned” tagging and assembly system.  Although there is, indeed, a very popular and well know Tailwind “tagging” system, not all Tailwind Systems users are using tags.  Every plant benefits from the Tailwind System

2- Tailwind is of no use if you are using Barcodes.  FALSE!!!  Plant owners and managers that use bar codes, Metal Progetti, assisted assembly and other high-tech methods are jumping onto the Tailwind bandwagon every day!  Why?  Because Tailwind is a management system that includes the best reporting in the industry, the best management tools and the best management system ever devised.  In fact, by the end of 2017, it is expected that there will be more Tailwind clients using barcodes and automated assembly than the Tailwind Assembly system.  This is because barcode plants are the fastest growing segment of the market and they need to be efficient too!

3- The past 2 Tailwind Managers of the Year have been plants with Automated Assembly. (HMC last year and Metal Progetti this year)

4- Tailwind is about shirts and has nothing to do with drycleaning.  This is FALSE.  Tailwind has been used for drycleaning (and fire restoration and hotel valet) for nearly 20 years.  But we sorta get this one.  Don Desrosiers, founder & creator of Tailwind has been writing a column about shirts for 3 trade publications for 17 years!  It is understandable how the connections were made.  But he writes for DLI’s Fabricare and NEFA’s Headlines and More and those columns have nothing to do with shirts at all.

5- How do barcode plants benefit from Tailwind?  Organization, Reporting, Management Training, Management Tools, Increased Profits!  That’s all. 😉

6- Tailwind has been on the cutting edge  for a very long time:  First to use Podcasts for columns and employee training, first to have an iPhone and Android app that features full access to most every trade publication column, podcasts, training movies and so much more!  Tailwind has invented more than 50 products for the drycleaning and shirt laundry industry, you are probably using one right now!  Tailwind created and introduced FlightPlan for Profits, ground-breaking software for the plant operator that needs to run a profitable and very efficient business.  Tailwind invented Rope-Ties for shirts (CSI #RT-200).  The list goes on and on…