coffeewipesIt is month three of my Clean Show coverage.  As always, you can see movies and photos of the new equipment and the new products at

This month, we will discuss the new products that are available for shirt launderers.  This does limit the field of focus considerably, but this column is about shirts, so I do try to stay within those parameters.  Still, most of the new products have more universal appeal, that is, applicable to more than just shirt laundering and pressing.  All, save one, has use for any drycleaner, even those not in the shirt business.

At Clean 2013, there were three notable new products and one that was radically enhanced.  I want to tell you about Coffee Wipes, EasyScheduler, a new size collar stay and the radically enhanced, new and improved PieceCounter.

First up, Coffee Wipes.  Some find this product a bit controversial, but others will find it to be a true profit-maker.  My dear friends and great clients, Larry and Phyllis Fish from Pier Cleaners in Wakefield, RI became the North American distributors for this fascinating product.  It resembles a wetnap, the sort of things that a restaurant would give you to wipe your hands after eating ribs – or lobster if you live around here.  But coffee wipes are different.  They contain more liquid and are bigger, but that’s not as critical as how convenient they are.  If you spill coffee on your clothing, open up a Coffee Wipe and rub the stain with it.  When the moisture dries, the stain is gone!  Pretty cool.  I never leave home without a few.  Some drycleaners view this as a controversial product, but I disagree.  When I spill something and use a Coffee Wipe, it does not diminish the chance that I bring the garment to my drycleaner.  It just keeps me from feeling embarrassed for the remainder of the day.  In fact, I will surely return to the drycleaner that sold them to me so that I never run out.  Nothing looks sillier than a freshly pressed, white shirt with a coffee stain on it.  Coffee Wipes work on an array of other stains as well.  Check out the YouTube video: and Like them on FaceBook:

These are a great counter impulse-purchase item that you can markup 200%-300%.


CS-13 Collar Stay



Photo 2 – Cleaner’s Supply’s new wide collar stay

Cleaners Supply introduced a shorter, wider collar stay for shirts that have a new cut of collar.  Previously, you could always buy longer collar stays and cut them to the required size, but no matter how much you cut them, they won’t get any wider!  This helps you to serve your customers better.  At their low price, there is no reason not to stock these.

The hardware for Wesvic’s PieceCounter is now on version 3.  Now it’s better than ever; the screen changes color based on efficiency.  Anybody that has ever worked with me knows how much I like visual clues and colors to denote pass/fail and good/bad.  This enhancement is right up my alley!  It’s even easier for workers and management to know their efficiency with our new color changing screen.  User definable color ranges will change the screen from green to yellow to red depending on worker’s efficiency.  But there is more.  In addition to a faster processor that speeds up response and boot-up times, there is now an HDMI output port so that you can mirror the screens on a bigger monitor (maybe in your office!)

CD - PC or MAC

CD – PC or MAC

And finally, Tailwind Systems’ newest product is a called the EasyScheduler.  This is a program that writes a Weekly Employee Work Schedule in a non-conventional manner.  There is a worksheet screen for each day of the week, on which you select an employee and then the job that you need them for from the customized drop-down box.  Then you click and drag the time that you want to schedule that person to do that job.

This program also has an automatic overtime alert that warns you if you are scheduling someone for too many hours.  The idea is to be sure that you aren’t scheduling employees haphazardly, but rather only scheduling employees that you need and that all job stations are covered.

But what is particularly slick about this unique program is that as you are clicking and dragging job stations, the actual schedule is being completed in real time!  Very slick!  Its available exclusively from the Tailwind Systems website at or click on this QR with your mobile device.





Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 10.37.59 AM







Photo 7 – The Tailwind EasyScheduler is a unique, super-easy-to-use, employee scheduling program.  Select an employee’s intended job station (shirt press, cleaner, customer service) from the drop-down box and click and drag it up to the employees end time.















This year’s edition of the Clean Show was great.  My attempts to cover the Clean Show always falls short because the short is so great.  Nothing beats attending!  I surely hope that you have enjoyed my coverage and I encourage you to visit my website for more stories and pictures of the Clean Show as well as lots of great equipment videos!


“If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got!”