This machine, TURBO-483 rivals the traditional hard-buck shirt finisher with its speed and production, but with the added benefit of 25% less steam consumption. How is this achieved? First, TURBO-483 comes with super-heated form for shoulder and sleeve vent for fast drying. This shortens pressing cycle and allows the operator to finish 50+ shirts per hour. Second, the energy saver in the machine re-circulates and re-uses heated air used in previous finishing cycle, creating 25% less steam consumption. This means the dry cleaner can get substantial savings in utility cost, and have a cooler work environment. It is efficient to operate, as it (a) presses body and sleeves in one operation; (b) has automatic sensing of shirt length for rapid loading; and (c) has automatic change between long and short sleeve shirts (with double sleeve clamps and joystick controls). With TURBO-483, there will be no broken buttons, and little or no touch ups. The machine is very simple to operate and gives hand-finished look. Like its cousins SAM-451 and JAZ-482, TURBO-483 can press all size shirts, from small to large, all types of fabric (cotton, silk, linen, Spandex, etc.) with no shine or discoloration on dark colored shirts.